Traditional Weaving Techniques + A Contemporary Aesthetic

Windochine designs and produces one-of-a-kind hand loomed fabrics using bamboo and grasses native to Southeast Asia and China, including abaca, raffia, buntal, bacbac, jute, and pineapple fiber.

Hand woven by master craftsmen steeped in traditional techniques, Windochine's luxurious weaves transcend their cultures to find a new home in ours.

Meeting Design Challenges with Elegance and Simplicity: Less is More

Always subtle and quiet, Windochine textiles stand on their own, whether in a spare, restful space, or as sensual complement to a richly layered environment.

Supporting Sustainability

All are woven from indigenous renewable fibers, grown primarily in the wild.

Fibers are selectively harvested from mature plants to ensure quality, strength and consistency in the finished fabrics.

Windochine and its carefully selected suppliers are proud to provide both opportunity and means of economic growth at the communal level.